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Ray Brindley
Cadet ID: 2623
Association ID: 631
I joined the Police Cadets on 4 August 1970 and began a very different life to the one I envisaged as a teenager.  Went through all the usual cadet activities and was lucky enough to have shorthand stopped halfway through my time as a cadet (what a drag that was).

I was sworn in on 1 August 1972.  My first station was Cronulla before being transferred to that wonderful ‘country’ station called Port Kembla where I found policing to be very different to the way we were taught in the Academy.  After Port Kembla I was stationed at Warilla, Kiama and then Warilla again where I also performed Rescue Squad, Induction Training Officer and Community Relations duties.

In 1987 I received an ‘outstanding’classification and was subsequently transferred to Headquarters (what a great reward for doing well).  I spent 18 months at headquarters before deciding to resign and try my luck in the big world.  I didn’t leave the Police Force disillusioned – I honestly enjoyed my 18 years in the job.  I enjoyed the work and I particularly enjoyed the fellowship, but I had a yearning to try some other things in life.

Since leaving the Police Force in 1988 I’ve travelled the following road.


1988 – 1991          Ran my own business

1991 – 1993          Business Manager at the Salvation Army drug & alcohol rehab

1993 – 2002          Business Manager at the Nuclear Reactor (LucasHeights)

2002 – 2008          Baptist Pastor at Padstow and Punchbowl churches

2008 – Present:     Transferred my ordination from Baptist to Australian Christian Churches (ACC).  I currently co-pastor a church at Bankstown and manage a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation organisation at Harris Park (Parramatta)

Over the years I gained a Bachelor of Business, a Bachelor of Ministry and a Diploma of Justice Administration.

In 1991 my 20 year marriage collapsed and in 1995 I married my current wife whom I’m very happily married to.  Between us we have five children and eight grandchildren.  My hobbies are cycling and playing my saxophone. 

You just need to listen to a few stories at the reunions to understand that life certainly takes some twists and turns to the dreams or expectations we have as 19yr olds (it certainly did for me).  I’ve had a good life, experiencing some of the ups and downs we all experience in life.  I’m still enjoying and living life to the full – I have no intention of retiring before my seventies.