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Cadet ID: 1632
Association ID: 545

Raymond Eric WARREN  Cadet 1632  Assoc ID

I joined the Cadets on 5 December 1960.

I was there only a couple of years before leaving and eventually joining the A.C.T Force in Canberra.  To be honest I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster and in whatever spare time I had, I practiced calling sports of many kinds, including League, tennis, horseracing and the like and in 1966 I got the chance to do that in a country radio station.

That led to me coming to Sydney to accept a promotion, I went on to call the footie and still call the league on Channel Nine.  I had the pleasure of calling three Melbourne Cups, and more recently I have been used by the network to call their swimming commitments.

The cadets in my day were in Bourke St., Redfern.  I remember boarding around the corner in Cleveland St.for a while and then up in Moore Park Road. My room mate was a fellow called Barry Symons who was a good bloke.  In charge of the Cadets at the time was Sergeant Brickell with Jock Stewart and Sgt Hyslop as the other two Cadet Sergeants.

Roy Dykes and Brian Andrews were in charge of physical conditioning and I needed plenty of that, in fact given the work Barry used to pour into me I got to think he didn’t like me very much, but I loved it.  Unfortunately two of the subjects we were required to master in our cadetship, apart from Law, were shorthand and typing and I had already passed exams for both of those before I went into the Academy, thus I was sent to the gym quite a lot and then I was assigned to Modus Operandi for the major part of each day and that was as boring as bat....t.

I have no regrets about my experiences in the Cadets.  I was proud to be a member but finally when the chance came to do what I really wanted to do, I went down that preferred path and, I would hope, with some success.