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Cadet ID: 825
Association ID: 51

Laurence Earl Poulton  Cadet No. 825  Assoc ID 51

I joined the Police Cadets on the 4th July, 1949 and went through the usual training of that time, shorthand, typing, police powers and on the job training at various police stations and establishments throughout the metropolitan area.

I was subjected to the usual jokes, particularly at the Patrol Yard, and on one occasion was sent to the hardware store to buy a tin of striped paint and on another, a left handed spanner.  I managed to survive and mature and was sworn in as a Constable in June 1953.

I served a period on general duties, plain clothes duty at a station and at 21 Division and finally transferred to the Police Prosecuting Branch.  I served at this Branch, both in Sydney and Lismore for many years and enjoyed the "cut and thrust" of court work immensely.  Some of my colleagues at that time were, Ken Drew, Neville Parsons, John McCormack, Bruce Howe, Bernie Webb, Brian (knuckles) Wright and many others.

My Service at the Police Prosecuting Branch was very enjoyable and it was only my desire to achieve greater heights that drove me to transfer to Police Headquarters.  At Headquarters I served for a period at the Examination Branch, the Legal Branch and then as a personal assistant to the then Commissioner, Cec Abbot.

By this time I was on the rank of Inspector and after a number of unsuccessful applications for positions, I was finally appointed the Chief Superintendent, Community Relations Bureau.  I served in that post for 4 years and my role was to develop strategies to move police operations from re-active, to gathering intelligence, identifying problems and preventing them from growing.  We introduced "Neighbourhood Watch", "Safe Houses for Children", "Community Consultative Committees", re-introduced beat policing, and many other initiatives during that 4 years.

The Community Relations Bureau was finally disbanded and its operations transferred to District Commanders, and I then became the Commander of the new Police District of Blacktown and later became an Assistant Commissioner and Commander of the North-West Region.

This was the pinnacle of my career and I remained in that position until I took optional retirement at 56 in 1990.  I had survived a heart attack a couple of years earlier and considered if I wanted to enjoy retirement with my wife and family, it was better to exit and concentrate on travel, fishing, bowls and golf.  My health improved immensely after retirement which, I believe, vindicated my decision.

Shortly after retirement however, the Police Department re-employed me as a consultant and my task during this time was to arrange and supervise the re-writing of the Police Instructions.  I completed this task about the end of 1991.

Since retiring, my wife and I have travelled around the world.  We have seen some amazing sights, particularly in Europe, Americaand Canada, but I would have to say that the best country in the world is right here, Australia.  Up until recently, I have had my own boat and done a lot of deep-sea fishing up and down the Queensland coast.

We have lived on the Gold Coast since 1993, now at Burleigh Heads, and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle.  One of my daughters lives nearby so we often see our grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren which pleases us no end.

I am a little more laidback now and with a small group of friends, we have a lot of long lunches and visits to the many wineries and other sights in the southeast of Queensland.  I am still very active in the bowling fraternity and because I am qualified as a Justice of the Peace in Queensland, get to perform many tasks for the club and its members.

I still have a lot of contact with many old friends in Sydney and we keep in touch via email regularly.  I will be 74 this year (2008) and although I have had a couple of stents inserted in my heart, am in good health and hope to spend many more years in retirement with my wife at Burleigh Heads.