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Robert Bruce TAYLOR
Robert Bruce TAYLOR
Cadet ID: 2355
Association ID: 218

Robert Bruce Taylor joined the cadets on 13/5/68 and was allocated cadet #2355

He was sworn in on his 19th birthday on 30/6/1970 and was Registered #14253 and stationed at No. 17 Division, Eastwood Police Station

Finished Probation, one year later, on 30/6/71 and then was conscripted into the Army Sept 71.

Bob received a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in Apr 72 and posted to 9RAR as a platoon commander.  When his national service was due to finish in Sep 73, he requested a five year commission in the Army, which was granted, and so resigned from the police force.

He served in the Army rising to the rank of Captain.  As a Captain he served for 3 years in the Special Air Service Regiment as a Long Range Vehicle Troop Commander, and was then posted on exchange to the US Navy SEAL Team in San Diego as their Training Officer.  Upon return to Australia in 1981 he performed duty as the Adjutant/Quartermaster of 1 Commando Regiment which was his last posting in the Army.

In 1982 he opened a recreational scuba diving centre in Sydney's west and continues in this business today.  He has now expanded that business into OH&S training to industry in confined spaces and height safety training.

Bob has been married since 1979 and has two daughters.