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Wayne Leslie HOLT
Cadet ID: 2891
Association ID: 561

My story begins like most I am sure and reads that since a very early age my dream was to join the Police Force.  Having attended an all boys school, Maitland Boy’s High School.  I was in the army cadets at school and upon nearing completion of year 10, I applied and was accepted into the NSW Police Cadet Service.

I was sworn in on my 19th Birthday and was attached to Redfern Police Station.  I was there only 4 days and was later attached to Botany Police Station.  During this time I attended the Granville Train Disaster which would follow me for most of my career.  After about 2 years at Botany I was asked to go back to Police Headquarters where I was assigned as a Cadet to put together the brief for the coroner under the promise that after my stint there I would be able to pick a spot to go to.  As I was engaged to a school teacher I took the opportunity and did my two years there.  My then fiancee was bonded to the department of education and was transferred to Yass as a SouthCoastplacement - yes that is correct.  I then was transferred to Yass in 1978 and I worked general duties there for a period of 8 years.  Our first child was born there and some of the best years of my life were spent in that area.  As a side note I met a young girl who was working in a hotel in Yass whilst I was stationed there and 20 years later that young girl now my partner after leaving my marriage of 30 years.

I went to Nowra in 1985 to work as a breathe analysis operator and also having experience with boat operation out west and also I was a qualified Education Officer and Youth Liaison Officer ( Jack of all trades, Master of none – typical bush Copper).  I spent 9 years in Nowra and during that time my second daughter was born.  Life on the Coast was great and I lived at a small settlement known as Orient Point (CulburraBeach), I lived on the boat ramp there so life was easy and pretty good.


I enjoyed fishing and so I was perfectly placed to fulfil my needs.  I was also a keen Golfer and Squash player.  Not great at any but handy in most things I took up.


The crunch for me came with the demise of senior police in Sydney town and the obvious need to take senior police back from the bush to Sydney. A very fair deal and so attractive was it that I decided to resign from the police service after 23 years.  A decision I did not take lightly but can honesty say I never regretted.  I followed a passion that I had and that was working with homeless youth people starting in a youth refuge and then working my way onto freelance youth work and then into housing as an outreach youth worker then team leader and then tenancy manager.  I really enjoyed this work and I loved the job and the team worked with.


Then shortly after the Macquarie Fields riots and opportunity came my way to return to Government on the darkside working with Juvenile Justice managing a section In Campbelltown as I had been working out of Wollongong for the past 7 years it was only a short drive and a very good job so I applied and won the position and the one that I still hold today.


As I said I separated from my wife after 30 years and I commenced a relationship with my now partner and friend of all those years before.


I live in the Wollongongsuburb of Balgownie in the hills and I have enjoyed a good life to date.


I was always remember fondly my days in the Police Cadets and although I have left the Police Force I will never lose sight of how difficult it can be and at times how dangerous and demanded it can be on your physical and mental state.


For those that knew me whilst was in the job.  I still like a beer and bet and a good argument.  I am still an active squash player division 3 Illawarra and I still have the odd run around the Touch Football paddock as well over 50’s these days.