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Every night, when I come home from work, I turn my computer on to check my emails.  One of the most constant emails I get, apart from those which are very concerned about whether I want to enhance a particular portion of my masculinity or its performance, are some from a bloke called Barry Hocking.  He sends emails with the heading “Vale”.  I read them all, first to ensure that it is not an email about me, and then to check who has passed on.  Sometimes it is a familiar name and I think, “There but for the grace …”.  At other times, a name is mentioned but there is no glimmer of recognition.  But behind it all is Barry Hocking.

Barry is an ex-cadet who started his cadetship on 3 July 1950 and served at Police Headquarters Records, Newtown Station Duty, Fingerprint Section, Newcastle Detectives, Redfern Traffic, Campsie Detectives, Patrol Yard Motorcycle Section & the Country Area Superintendent’s Office.

After being attested a Probationary Constable, he was attached to Regent Street on general, then solo motor cycle, duty before he was transferred to general and clerical duty at Deniliquin Police Station.

He returned to the metropolitan district in 1956 where he performed general duty at Campsie, then Belmore Call Box, No. 13 Division.

Then in 1958 he was on solo motor cycle duty at the Public Safety Bureau, Police Traffic Branch, followed by motor cycle outfit duty at Petersham, then motor cycle outfit duty at Bankstown.

So what do they do with old cyclists but transfer them to duty at the Adjudication Section, Police Traffic Branch.  Barry’s big break came when he went to the new operations as a Breathalyzer Operator at the Breath Analysis Section, Police Traffic Branch, then to Officer in Charge, Newcastle Breath Analysis Section.

Climbing the promotional ladder meant he had to perform general duty at Burwood then Enfield, then Roster Sergeant, followed by Divisional Traffic Sergeant at Burwood, and finally as supervisory duty at Central.

He finished his police career by being appointed as the District Traffic Supervisor at Liverpool, “I” District and after that as the District Traffic Supervisor, then District Traffic Inspector at Enfield, “F” District.

He retired as an Inspector on 30/5/1990 after 39 years & 10 months service.

He has been awarded the following medals in recognition of his services to his country –

In 1976 Barry was awarded the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, the National Medal in 1978, then in 2001 awarded the National Service Medal.  Four years later he received the Medal of the Order of Australia, and then in 2006, the Australian Defence Medal.

In his spare time, Barry has also been involved in community work as -

1961 to 1964 - Treasurer of KaringalPreSchoolKindergarten at Greenacre.

1962 - Joined Masonic Lodge George Bass at Bankstown and became Master of the Lodge in 1968.

1972 to 1975 - Secretary of the Whitebridge (LakeMacquarie Shire) Progress Association.

1975 to 1987 - Secretary of Lodge George Bass at Bankstown

1984 to 2002 – Director, then Legator, for N.S.W. Police Legacy.

1987 to 1990 - Executive member of the Commissioned Police Officers Association of N.S.W.

1985 to 1988 - Secretary then treasurer of the Auburn Safety House Scheme.

2000 - Olympic Volunteer in Policing at theSydney Olympic Games.

1990 to 2001, then 2003 - to present time, State Secretary of the Retired Police Association of N.S.W. Inc.

2001 to present time - Branch Secretary of the Sydney Branch of the Retired Police Association of N.S.W. Inc.

1994 to 2001, then 2003 to present time – Member of the National Police Remembrance Day Organising Committee.

2000 to present time – Trustee & Committee member of the Police RSL Sub Branch.

2001 to present time – Team Leader with the Auburn State Emergency Services Unit.

2001 to present time - member of the NSW Branch of the International Police Association.