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Stephen 'Steve' REILLY
Stephen 'Steve' REILLY
Cadet ID: 2210
Association ID: 365
I joined the NSW Police Cadets on 28 November 1966, after my formative years at Narrabeen Boys High School, aptly known as Narrabeen University.
I used to excel in sport, as I was completely hopeless academically, representing Combined High Schools in Rugby Union, and for the last 2 years at school, I was NSW CHS Championship winner of the Javelin, holding the Australian Sub. Junior record for approx. 18 years, until 1984.  I was also Australian Junior Surfboat Championship winner (Freshwater SLSC), in 1966, '67, '68, then later multiple Australian Championship winner in the Men`s divisions, including rep. Teams, with Freshwater SLSC, then Bilgola SLSC.
While in the NSW Police Cadets and playing at the "Domain" footy fields in the City, I was selected in the NSW Public Service Rep. Team, in 1967, 1968, and 1969, when aged 16, 17, and 18 years of age, playing against men, and, I played 1st Grade for Gordon in Rugby Union in 1968, at 17 years of age, while still a NSW Police Cadet.
In those days, I believe the packed crowds in the "Domain" used to come and watch the other First Division Teams try and bash the "daylights" out of we young budding coppers.  But most times, the Cadet team used to bash the hell out of the opposition, much to the delight of the spectators.
We Cadets were all under 19 years of age and only allowed two (2) sworn Police officers of 1st. Grade experience to be members of the team.  I was the captain of the Police Cadets Team in 1967, 1968, and 1969.
During the mid to late 1960`s I also represented Manly-Warringah SG Ball, Jersey Flegg sides for 4 seasons before being graded by Manly Warringah DRLFC in 1970.
I even had a season for North Sydney, straight from Manly's Flegg side in 1969, playing in their 1st Grade Squad at 18 years of age. This I don`t own up to though, as they were permanent "bridesmaids".
I then went to the mighty Rabbitohs in 1973, and 1974, playing representative football in 1974.
After "seeing the light" in 1973, during the football season when playing for South Sydney, I decided to bail out, and start my company, Reilly and Sons Food Services.
During this time, I had a short stint playing in the Brisbane RL Premiership with the South Brisbane Magpies in 1976, (after returning to Manly-Warringah in 1975), playing rep. footy, then returning to Captain-Coach The Entrance in the Central Coast 1st Grade Premiership in 1977.
My short return of "stay" back at Manly-Warringah in 1975 made headlines in the local papers and television, when I got "suspended" after belting the late Bob Batty, who was co-coaching with Frank Stanton.
Bob Fulton and Frank Stanton fought to have me back in the 1st. Grade Squad, but the writing was on the wall, hence my retreat to Brisbane, the next season, after the 1st. Grade trip to Hawaii, much to the disgust of Ken "Arko" Arthurson, who tried to re-sign me for the following season.
I then retired from football at 26/27 years of age, to re-start rowing in the Open Men's Surfboat Competition with Freshwater SLSC, and then Bilgola SLSC.
During the past 20 years, I have become heavily involved with surfboats, being the Inaugural Vice-President of the Australian Surfboat Rowers League and, in 2005, I was the Inaugural President and Patron of the State Association of the NSWASRL, which is the State body of the Federal ASRL.
I am Patron and Sponsor of a number of Surf Lifesaving Associations, Championships, and Grand Prix Series, both State and National, including being a Major Sponsor of the South Sydney Rabbitohs DRLFC..
In short I've been a very busy boy, hence my nickname "Beaver" for the last 40 years.  Forget Steve Menzies - I was the original "Beaver", with the name given to me by "Bozo" Fulton and Frank Stanton, back in 1970.
I've led a hectic life and am now just starting to wind down, after a couple of hard years, following deregulation of the milk industry in NSW in the late 1990's.
From being the biggest Milk Vendor in NSW with the Dairy Farmers Co-op., I and several other vendors suffered financially following deregulation in 1998.
In 1998, I hopped on a plane and went to Melbourne to see Bonlac Foods, which were then bought out by a New Zealand company called Fonterra Australia Brands 2 years ago.
I acquired the License as the Agent in Sydney for Bonlac Foods and the milk company in Wagga Wagga, (Murrumbidgee Dairies).  I subsequently tendered and won the contract to supply the 2000 Olympic Games with milk and dairy requirements with "Riverina Fresh Milks".
Since then, I haven`t looked back.
My company supplies most of the better establishments in the Sydney CBD in the food service industry and as far north as the Sydney Northern Beaches, for example,  the GG Cafes (George Gregan) exclusively.
I truly believe that my time in the NSW Police Cadets "made me", from being a quite, shy soul to the gregarious, outgoing person I've become.  After the experience of having two of my Police classmates commit suicide, I matured pretty quickly.
I have been married to my wife, June, since 1973, and we have two boys, Shaun (31), and Aaron (29).  They have 2 kids each, so June and I have 4 grandchildren, three girls and one boy, ranging from 2 to 5 years of age.
I live at Bilgola Beach, in God's country, and we have just helped both of our boys to purchase their homes, one at Mona Vale, the other at North Avalon.
Life's good!