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Cadet ID: 1832
Association ID: 78

As a child in 1956, Glen started in film and television at Pagewood Studios, and went on to have his own spot, handling animals on Channels 9, 7 and 2, all before 16 years of age.


Glen’s father, the late ‘Scotty’ Denholm, was once regarded as a world authority on the training of German Shepherd Dogs for police work and upon retirement from the NSW Police Force took on the training of ‘Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’, the highly successful children’s program. At this time, Glen and his father set up Waratah Park, the home of Skippy at Duffy’s Forest in NSW.  Glen’s father also had a personal association with Joe Ashton of Ashton’s Circus and sent Glen away to travel with the circus at age 13.  Thrown in with lion trainers and animal handlers, Glen honed his skills at entertaining a crowd and gained a foundation in the handling of exotic animals.  Glen’s expertise in animal handling was further shaped by his father’s training of two Australian dingoes, Dot and Dash, as well as visits to Taronga Park Zoo where he would feed animals, including two gorillas – ‘George’ and ‘Mary Kong’.  Glen has now handled every type of Australian fauna there is, including spiders, snakes, dingoes, and emus.


Although Glen’s knowledge and love for all animals was, and is still great, his passion for the horse has always surpassed that of all others.  Educated by great old horsemen, Glen was taught to drive single, pairs, threes, fours, five and six in hand.  Glen joined the NSW Police Force as a Police Cadet in 1963 and was attested as a Constable in 1965.  Performing duty mainly as a street Policeman, Glen was also a field Training Officer and eventually was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant.  In 1978 Glen and two other Senior Police Officers re-established and re-organised the Dog Squad which his father had initiated years before.  In 1986 Glen retired from the Police Force after 22 years to concentrate on a career within film, television and arena productions.  In 1986 Glen started work for the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW as an entertainment contractor, performing work mainly in their advertising and media section just prior to and during the Royal Easter Shows.  During this period of time Glen also broke in horses to saddle and harness.  In 1999 Glen was approached by the then Manager of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Hamish Turner.  He sought advice concerning the possibility of creating a production of Banjo Patterson’s famous poem, ‘The Man From Snowy River’.  Glen felt it was more than possible, and in turn became the ‘Livestock and Production Co-ordinator’ for the Royal Easter Show – he has now held this position for the last 7 years.


Not only did Glen design the sets for the arena production, he provided the men, the Brumby horses, co-ordinated the movements and played ‘Harrison’ in the production.  The final product was a marvellous spectacular that ran for two years at the Sydney Show, and its popularity saw it taken to the Royal Brisbane Show.


Glen has supplied men, horses and even his own modelling skills for still photo shoots for R.M Williams, ‘The Bush Outfitter’ Catalogues.  In 2003 Glen was personally requested to travel to Queenslandat short notice with horses to participate in the State funeral following the death of R.M Williams.  In this capacity, Glen provided a harness horse to draw a four wheel single horse lorry with the casket on the back and another horse to walk behind the lorry, riderless, as a tribute to Mr Williams.


Glen is now the only recognised and Certified Whip maker in Australia, able to use his ability to amuse a crowd and astound onlookers.  In addition, Glen is in the Guinness Book of World Records for plaiting the longest whip in the world at an astonishing 140ft.  Glen is also a licensed private enquiry agent, owner of Australian Equine Investigation Services, which is a service provided to owners of, or insurers of injured livestock.  Glen is also a licensed pistol dealer which allows him to legally supply handguns and long arm (rifles and shotguns) for film and theatrical productions.  In addition, Glen holds a Diploma in Agriculture (Horse Sciences), Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and is a Justice of the Peace.


Glen can seemingly do it all; From animals on barges in SydneyHarbour, to the Opera House steps, whip cracking demonstrations, emotive and thrilling arena spectaculars, and at times even being called upon to produce a snake or two.  Glen is a colourful, fascinating, and gifted man whose affinity, love and ability with animals has remained constant throughout his life - Glen Denholm touches the lives of all that are lucky enough to meet him.